South-east Asia’s private equity is experiencing a robust deal flow, thanks to strong interest in Internet and consumer-related sectors.

Experts are optimistic that this year is likely to be another good one for the industry.

With the demand for finance talents in private equity, recruitment search firms and headhunters are likely to be kept busy.

Rising interest rates are not likely to dampen investor appetites for private equity, even as investment prospects across the region remain bright.

Private equity investments in South-east Asia soared last year to US$6.8 billion (S$9.5 billion) last year. This was up from US$4.8 billion a year earlier.

Investments in the Internet sector accounted for a quarter of South-east Asia’s total deal value last year. Buoyed by the region’s rising middle class, other emerging sectors included agriculture, consumer products, retail, healthcare and education, the report found.

The region’s deal market remains driven by Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, which together made up more than 80 per cent of deal value from 2012 to 2016. The Vietnamese market is also gaining traction.

While growth has been robust, private equity funds in the region are facing mounting competition as new players flood the market. To stand out, private equity firms are increasingly looking for new ways to add value to their investments.

Financial recruitment search firms and headhunters will find this an opportune time to fuel the growth of the industry.

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