The search for the suitable, qualified candidate to fill an important position can be an exhausting and frustrating task. This is more so in tight, competitive job markets.

Often, the hirer spends immense time and resources to attract ideal candidates, interview and shortlist them. It gets more challenging with senior-level roles.

This is the reason why discerning employers turn to TC Consulting to meet their executive search needs for top talents.

Very simply, not all executive search firms are created equal. Frustration and disappointment come with working with executive recruiters lacking the bandwidth and mileage to be of critical use to hirers.

To find a candidate who will best serve your company’s needs and easily assimilate into your company culture, it is vital to find the best executive search agency.

Why TC Consulting?

In your search for a good executive search consultant, it is critical that the firm you’re inquiring about has experience filling positions in your industry or level of recruitment. The more knowledge the executive search recruiters have about how to fill the specific role, the more successful your business with them will be.Consultants at TC Consulting will ask candidates questions that are tailored to your niche and they will be more incisive at evaluating their skills. They will also know how to look for both the general traits and the fine details that will give your company a strong advantage.

Over and above that, TC Consulting boasts tremendous experience recruiting top talents regionally to mean the firm will have more reliable contacts to network with and shortlist from.

More often than not, a hirer looking to fill an executive role doesn’t have the gift of time on their side, as the inner workings of their business are dependent on acquiring the team members they need to fulfill deadlines, meet targets and complete projects.

The ability for executive search firms to deliver quickly is important. It may not be realistic to set a timeline in stone when recruiting candidates but you should endeavour to look for a strategic partner who understands and aims to satisfy the time-sensitive nature of your request.

This is where the large network, critical database, proven methodology and vast experience of TC Consulting will be most telling.

Search Process

As when investing in any service, it’s important to have the provider give you an explanation of how they work and what their process looks like.

With executive search, you will want to ask who will actually be doing the searching. Will it be a seasoned professional whose skills and experience will directly benefit your company, or will it be a newbie who is still testing out the water?

Similarly, what criteria will they be using to single out which candidates to show you? Clearly, professional skills and experience should be the first thing they look for, but an ideal executive search firm is going to want to act as almost a partner to your company. They should take the time to learn what makes your future goals and company culture unique.

The candidates who they select for you should have both the industry know-how and the soft skills necessary to harmoniously enhance your brand identity.

The search process at TC Consulting is consultative, personal and goal oriented to ensure the best fit, every time.

With experienced hands at the helm, action will be swift and decisive for the best results.

Make your executive search firm your strategic partner

Any executive search firm can claim that they are the best.

It is important to do your due diligence and verify if those claims are true. A proven track record is one of the key things to look for when hiring a firm, so take the time to evaluate their current reputation. Have a look at their experience at successfully finding top talents for senior roles in reputable companies. Their calibre will clearly show.

A top executive search firm will be able to provide you with solid references you can speak with, ideally some that are relevant to your industry.

Tily – An Obvious Choice Really

Tily Chu helms fast growing TC Consulting and brings a stellar CV to the business.

As a talent specialist in the entire spectrum of financial services, having worked in numerous multinational corporations, Tily has built an extensive network of personal and institutional contacts globally.

Her personal approach in understanding clients needs and helping match with the best talents available, benefits her clientele tremendously.

Get It Right The First Time

When you find the right executive search firm, the value of the provided services can be immeasurable. Not getting it right can cause immense frustration, time and money wasted.

TC Consulting can free up your time and resources and allow you access to top talents with the right expertise and experience you wouldn’t otherwise connect with.